Katekyo hitman REBORN! Daily Life Arc Overview

Katekyo hitman REBORN!

Episodes: 1-19 , 1st story arc

It focuses on Tsuna’s life as his infant home tutor Reborn appears and as he begins to learn about the Mafia. This is also when he begins to gain more Guardians and friends. During this arc, the manga felt very much like a light hearted comedy story, and while there was some fighting it wasn’t a big focus of the plot. It was after this arc that the manga took a big turn, becoming a more serious toned and intense battle manga. Tsuna himself also changed into a capable fighter at the end of this arc, when during it he was still a weak boy who needed his friends to protect him. Most of the major characters are introduced in this arc.



So at first Tsuna is showing up as lame, no -good student, who suddenly has infant as his tutor; Reborn.


Then suddenly, Reborn shots him with special bullet; Dying will bullet. What literately kills you, but if you have something to regret, it will bring you back to alive to fulfill that thing.

Tsuna appears then as aggressive, and literately burns all but his boxers away… -_-…..


Later on he gets more used to dying will powers and later on the end of this Arc, he fights Kokyo Gang; Rokudo Mukuro as the leader. At that fight, he gets new weapon: Wooden Mittens, that turns to Metallic Gloves as Tsuna activates his dying will.


Next part is:

Ring Battles Arc.


Thanks for reading and see you again soon!

Natsuki-chi. AKA NatsuHaru_14th



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