Money, Mafia and Clown [DGM x KHR]

So I will start new fandom in here. I already posted all the proloque parts in WP and started to write 1st Chapter. I will add the twin-crossover to this too.


Summary: (Taken from WP)

The Holy War was over.
What happens to all Exorcists?
What happens to Noah Family?
Skull!/Allen, (Noah!/Allen?) Separated!/Allen and Nea , (Others?)
Allen decides to wear a new mask, Red wasn’t ready to world  anymore and Allen Walker was traitor of the church and Noah. He doesn’t want to be in another war…
He goes to Italy and finds Circus full pf stuntmens and joins them, making his new mask.
[[Note that I will use this story proloque to my other Crossover!]]
I will try to get the prologues done here.


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