Standard POV.

The Holy War was over.

The Exorcist had won and Millennium Earl was dead and gone with Noah Family with him, but probably going to reincarnate again. But when?

But the war didn’t end up with full win. Many Exorcist had been killed or disappeared during or after the last battle between them and Noahs.

The Black Order didn’t last long with the lost of many people namely Lenalee Lee for example.

The Head Chief Komui Lee was depressed after lost of Lenalee Lee, his little sister.

Many other exorcist namely Bookman, Noise Marie and Chaoji were lost.

Others were survived but got over as some years passed. Miranda Lotto was depressed with lost of Noise Marie. She died some years after, having anemia.

The others, Generals were freed from their stats and they got free life.

Krory died with his parasite -type Innocense taking toll to his body.

In some years others from Black order was passed. Namely Malcolm C. Leverier, who wasn’t in anybody’s crying list. Then there was the Great Generals turn, then some of the branches people. Then was European Branch’s Sience section’s turn. Next went some Generals and Asian Branch. It went on to come to the point where the last one, Timothy Hearst passed with old age.

But some of the Exorcist were disappeared, namely Exorcist Kanda Yuu, Exorcist Lavi Jr. Bookman and Exorcist General Allen Walker.

The Central and others at that time were searching them. In some years they found Lavi. He became Bookman with other Bookman’s aperentice and had already have his own student.

The Exorcist Kanda Yuu was never found. Same with Exorcist General Allen Walker, he being thought being dead as being the one to fight Millennium Earl after all.

Central then annouced that if General Allen Walker was never found, he had to be executed for being Noah and traitor of the Church.

At the same time in Italy:

The boy with black and red, worn uniform under the tan coat were walking on the streets of Rome in Italy. He had his white hair tied with red ribbon at the back of his neck. Other red scarf were on his forehead, seemly hiding something.

He was thinking something.

He was searching for something.

Who the boy is? What is he thinking? And what is he searching?

Now this is ready.



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