Proloque part 2

Proloque part 2

Standard POV/Allen’s POV Before the end of Holy War, when they are searching Allen.

Suddenly, when I was on escape, I got message that Vatican is erasing ’The 14th’ -part from my list. It means that anybody wouldn’t be going to attack me being Noah… Also they annouced that I can go back to Order without fear being executed. As a normal Exorcist. I taked that lightly, knowing that it wouldn’t be suprise at the end of this ’Holy War’, that they would be re-creating that part again… But I’m needed in the war, so I have to go.

Later/ End of Holy War/


Millennium Earl… Mana… Is gone now…. And I’m new Earl with Nea, Mana’s brother.
Kanda died as he got Tyki, his curse on his chest making hom die as Tyki was dead.
Lenalee was killed as she had lost too much blood after Road’s defeat.
Lavi left the battlefield as War was over, changing to emotioneless person.

And as things got worse to me, the Central declared me to be executed by being Millenium Earl and Noah…

As I heard that with my special hearing, I went to Ark, destroying all the gates I had made this far.
I took Kanda’s dead body with me and burried him with Alma Karma in Matter.

He had asked for that before he closed his eyes, calling me by my real name.

As I left Matter, I settled down in the Ark and went to sleep. Nea was going to be on guard as I slept who knows how long…


///Time skip///
#Allen’s POV#

’How long I had been sleeping now?…’

*You’re awake now?* I head laugh like bells.


*I’m sure you know me. I have been on your side all these years in Holy War fighting with you~~* I hear again a sound like bells.

’No way!! You are the Innocence in my left hand!?’

*Yes~ I’m your Innocence, Crowned Clown.*

’But how I can speak with you?’

*Allen. You have been sleeping and you are now in complete sunch with your body. Yes you have felt sorrow, but somehow it made the bond even stronger. You can as now speak with me like you speak with Nea.~*

’But how?’

*Allen. I haven’t told you this, but I’m actually the Heart.*

’But how that is possible to nobody to sense you?’

*I’m not sure, but it’s true that I’m Heart.*

’But what about Noah gene. And the Noah’s killing intent? How you will manage that? I’m Earl now, am I?’

*Don’t worry. As you being Earl, and all the previous Noahs dead, you could probably try to manipulate the gene, and in better way, kill the killing intent instead… But you should ask Nea about it.*

’Nea. Speaking of him, I should wake up now…’

*I recomment you that. Go now.*

I feel little push on mu back as Crowned Clown pushed me forward to reality.


At Ark// Nea and Allen as he wakes up//

”Unh…..” Allen moans from the coach(*sofa?*) he was sleeping.

”Good morning Nephew.~ How was your sleep?” Nea says as he notices Allen waking up.

”Good, Nea… So how was Ark during my sleep? Anything happen?” Allen replies as he gained some of his senses back. He rose up to sitting position.

”Anything that would pick up my interest so far… But I have sensed other Noahs awakenings… Rhode (*1.*), Tyki, Sheryl, Jasdero and Devit. And lastly few days ago, Wisely… So far only them…” Nea reports.


”So what are you going to do now, Earl?” Nea asks teasingly.

”Heh….. As Mana told me, I promised him, I will keep on walking… no matter what happens…” Allen says, bit of sadness in his eyes. Nea notices it. He makes solid version of himself, they are in Ark afterall…

”I’m sorry, Nephew…” He says.

”Don’t worry.” Allen says little smile on his face. Nea sighs.

”So where should we start? London? England? France? Germany? Or Italy, maybe?” He asks, taking map to his hands and opening it.

”I thought of London, because its the place I know the most… But then, if I’m some international criminal now, then the most guarded place is England and London…”

”How about Italy then? Vatican at our back, won’t think that we would be hiding right under their noses!~~” Nea chuckles at the thought.

”I think it wouldn’t hurt… So? We go now?”

”Actually I think we should get the Noahs killing instinct away… It would be catastrophic, if it takes the toll and starts to kill, not forgeting your Innocence…” Nea says seriously.

Allen froze as he heard this.

”I think… I mean… Crowned Clown. My Innocence… Told me that it could be bossible to… Make Killing instict gone… By something… special… She is Heart of Innocence… Heart. Nea. Heart!!”

”I think it’s possible to do that… And what did you say!!? Crowned Clown is THE Heart!!!??” Nea shocs.
He shivers at the thought of Heart killing him flows in his mind.

*Don’t worry, my dear~ I will not kill my Acommondator’s Uncle and only family.~* the sound of bells rings aroud them as they were, other sitting and other standing right in front of him.

”Crowned Clown?” Allen asks.

*Yes. It’s me~ You can now on talk to both of us~*

”So you are Crowned Clown…” Nea says carefully.

*Yes. And don’t worry. I will not go on desroying the Noah…*

’That’s relief’ both of them thinks.

”So what to do with Noah’s Killing instict?” Allen voiced up.

”I think that I can manage to kill him… But I need your help. You too, Crowned Clown… After it, you need to. No you ARE sleeping for a couple of days. Is that ok?” Nea explains.

”I’m ready as much as I can be!” Allen exclaims happily, but seriousness is too, fully in sight.

*I’m ready to help as much as I can~* Crowned Clown says melodically, bells ringing as she laughs a little.

”*So let’s start!!*” they say in sync.

Line break…~

Now. I won’t tell you exactly how they made the Noah’s Killing instict to dissaphear so…)


The flash of little light.

Little pool of blood…

”I’m soooo exhaused!!!” Allen shouts and falls down to floor. The white cape dissaphears and the little golden tint in boys eyes and tan skin dissaphears as it is replaced by very pale skin and red scar in the left side of the face.

Besides Allen, there is supprisingly……




I will continue this in prologue part 3.

The *1* part: I will use Road as Rhode in this story.





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