The Book Reviews coming

So now I have been trying to read real paper printed books.

I will make book reviews of them soon when I have read them.

The List Of Books: In Finnish.

  • Varjopuutarha
  • Scarletin puvussa
  • Lucian
  • Varismiekka (engl. Ferals:  The Crow Talker)
  • Keskiyön kivi (engl. Ferals: The Swarm Descends)
  • And more coming later on…

Then My School Literature Project called ’Kirjailijasalkku.’. It’s my Finnish language and literature 9th grade final year project.

I want to get good grade on that one, as also the other subjects I study, and my art final year project I my main headache coming… I want to get to Kannas Art based classes. I have to get better grades as my GPA is now 7,86…. Not so good anymore. It went under 8 at the end of 8th grade and earlier it has been almost at 9. I sucked my Russian studies up completely.

So to the point I left: ”Kirjailijasalkku”. So in that project, I have to take one Finnish writer/author, and read 2 to 3 of their books. Then I have to make reviews, texts, information, and even fanfiction of the books. I chose Magdalena Hai, as my writer.

I think I will probably put some texts here too, so be ready. But I’m not sure if I write them here or to other websites available to me; Wattpad, Instagram, Fanfiction, or something other….


So! I will soon start working on my next book review! The first one in the list has been read and soon I will make review of it here!


See ya’



PS. I will have lot to do this last school year so don’t expect so daily or regular updating. I still try to make myself to write here. I use most of my time hanging around wattpad and won’t update anything… Sorry.



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