Chapter 1. New Mask

Chapter 1. New Mask

Allen’s POV/General POV

”It’s so cold…” The boy muttered under his breath.

He was walking around the city in Italy. It was early morning. He had wondered around the city for all yesterday and didn’t found any place to sleep, so he had opened the gate to Ark so he can get to sleep.

Now he has to find some real place to sleep. The plan of exploring the new world and he have to get used to be around people as he have been sleeping so long time and adding that the only company he had was Crown Clown, Nea, as now in separate body, but then inside his mind. And to not forget, Tim was still there. Where that golem is, by the way…? Probably chewing some people hairs or biting ears of, getting ate by stray cats…

As he thought of it, something snapped. Oh! He has totally forgot about his mate!!!

”I’m sure he is okay. He has survived to this point already! Have faith to your lil’ fellow!” he hears his uncle saying through their connected minds.

”Nea!! Where did you went!?” He shouts in his mind. Totally. Nea left almost right after they stepped out from the Ark and didn’t tell Allen nothing about where he went or contacted him until now.

”Chill down. I am just searching the Noahs together. Only found Tyki for now. We are close to Rhode. I think when she hears about you, she will be coming there.” Nea says.

”Okay. Tell Tyki my greetings for me… And to Rhode when you meet.”

”Sure! Allen. I’m closing the link soon, but… How are you doing so far?”

”Good. Except I slept last night at Ark. I’m trying to cover myself up…”

”New Mask, you mean?”


”Sure. If you can, make a new to me too, as being your big brother. Oh! And should you ad D. Campbell on the name? I want to have my original surname now, perhaps?”

”So no Walker anymore?”

”Yes… Well… It will bring unwanted memories up…”  little hard-sounding laugh was heard from Nea.




”Are you feeling fine?”

”Sure! Don’t worry. I’m okay.”

”Remember that you can now always tell me if you feel so. I will always listen you, brother.”


”Oh crap!!”

”What? What happened?”



”Allen? You’re there?”

”Nea. What happened?!”

”Umm… Looks like I slipped and almost almost fell from cliff…”


”Don’t worry. Tyki is there and he catched me before falling. So no harm done!~”

”You sure suprised me when you didn’t answer me for a moment…”

”Sorry, Allen…”


”Allen… Hey! We are close to Rhode now!! You will be soon visited by her!”

”Please no…”

”Please yes! I can tell you she is very excited to see you after so many years. So when she comes, talk with her. She is your family now.”

”If you say so…”

”If you think about the Innocence and tho Noahs Killing Instict, seems like when we became the Earl of Millennium, the hatred over Innocence vanished from other Noah Genes. Like, that your Parasitic Innocence in your arm you are found of, turned Earl’s hatred to Innocence away because it’s part of you… Or that was what Tyki told me when we met and I asked about the Earl…”

”You sure?”

”Yes. Okay. I will go now. Try to get better soon.”


As the mind link was closed, Allen got better look around himself. He was in the middle of city in Italy. Now he have to go and change his and his new brother’s names.

///Few + minutes + later///

”Alleeenn!!!!” Shout was heard in the middle of his thoughts as he suddenly stiffs.  ’Rhode!’

He turns around only to be knocked down by figure of little girl with deep purple hair.

Rhode tackled Allen to the ground, hugging him.


”Ahahaa!!” Another voice was heard. It seems like Nea and Tyki followed Rhode through her dimensional doors.

”Rhode. Can you please get off of me.”

”Sure, Allen!”

As Allen got up, he took a good look of his new companions.

”So Allen. You did that already?”

”No. I was just going to do it before I was tackled down by over-excited Rhode.”

”Nuuu. Allen. I am your sister now. And others are your brothers or uncles.”

”So. What were you going to do? You said you were going to somewhere, but where?”

”I and Nea have decided to change our names. I am known as Traitor by my old name, and Nea just got his own body back.”

”Why won’t we all change our names to sync with yours?”

”Maybe. But then you have to be our cousins. And we all don’t have parents alive.”

”That is understandable. So. What we are going by?”

”We thought of D. Campbell… But your surname can be different.”

”Oh! I got great one!!”

”What is it?”

”Let’s say that our mother is originally from Camelot -bloodline and married one sibling from D. Campbell -bloodline and your father is D. Campbell that married some other from different bloodline. It will be possible enough for us to be called cousins that live along after our parents died or murdered.”

”That is great one, Rhode!”

”Of course it is!”

”Let’s go and do this. The other Noahs can be the other cousins that went missing but we found them.”

”That is good cover.”

”Hey! Just go and do it already!!”


///Few + hours + later///

”Now it’s done!!” Tyki exclaims and falls to his seat.

”Oh gosh it was irritating!!” Nea exclaims and takes a sip from his drink.

”You are right.” Tyki agrees.

”Hey get over it! At least we got money! Who knew that D. Campbell and Camelot bloodlines were so rich and got a lot of money!” Rhode exclaims happily, tired of the irritated looks of her now legal brother and cousin.

”So why not buy a mansion?” The Portuguese man says ’in-matter-of-fact’ -tone.

”I agree with you…But Allen…” Nea says worriedly and turns towards the mentioned boy sitting  next to him.

”Owg! I awn owkay it at! Won’t howwy!” Allen said, mouth full of food he was eating.(*Oh! I am okay with that! Don’t worry!*)

Right. They were now eating in restaurant after they successfully got their new papers and money.

”So let’s go! I want to decorate my room already!”

”Right, right… Nea! Be with Allen! We will be going to get you later!!”

”Okay, Tyki!!”

”Take care!” Allen said after he swallowed the food he was eating.

”We will…” With that, Tyki and Rhode were off. Nea and Allen were now together, Nea making notes for new melody he was creating for the mansion and the Ark gates to be made and possible rooms to Ark besides the Heart of Ark, the control room with white piano in the middle. Allen continued his lunch. He didn’t need to eat amount of food as an army, because he was now immortal, what meant that his lifespan wouldn’t be affected anymore by his parasitic innocence, or the Heart Innocence. He eats his favourite, Mitarashi Dangos. Immortality doesn’t mean that he couldn’t eat lot of his favourite. He still has that ”Black hole of stomach.”

—————————  +  ——  +  ——  +  ——  +  ——  +  ——  +  ——  +   —————————-


1227 words.

Will be available in New Teacher soon.




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