2017 Winter anime to watch

Now the new season starts and new episodes pof new series will come weekly.

I picked up few animes to mention.


Akira Amano is previously well known from her previous work: Katekyo hitman Reborn!

Now the fans got her other work as anime.  There is also little of hints from KHR in elDlife. There is line where it’s said that

”We have just found out that the next head of the Italian Mafia could be Japanese.”

This was told me By my friend via instagram.


Other anime would be Tales of Zestiria the X (2017)

ToZ the X (2017) is second season of the 2016 summer anime ToZ the X. It continues from where it left from previously.

In comments of episode it’s said it is sad to not have that Sorey-and-Roze-are-married-thingy in anime, but good that it got more scenes of Sparrowheathers and the Capitain.

Sorey is still learning the purifying Malleviolence as in the game he already learned it as he got the sword.

Edna is still making her as always funny remarks. Roze is also seen as the leader of the assassin grop who’s name is funnily pun from Sparrowheathers.

Last but not leas from now is Ao no Exorcist second season

I haven’t watched the first episode yet but I intend to do that soon.

So this anime has gotten much attention because there is clear time gap from the first season.

The story is believely continueing fromwhere it left in first season.



There is suprisingly many old animes who didn’t get second season that got/gets new season soon.

Namely for example: Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack on Titan, One Punch Man etc.

From last year: D.Gray-man By Katsura Hoshino got continuation By the name D.Gray-man Hallow.

Uta no Prince- Sama got 4th season and fans were selebrating.

Then there is 24h. It’s Akira Amano’s two series; KHR and elDlife crossover short episodes. The exact time when it comes out isn’t well known By me yet.

Now I hope that they will get Akatsuki no Yona second season.



Written By: NatsuHaru_14th



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