Cielo Secret – Prologue

I don’t own KHR. Only this plot and possible OC’s.
OC’s will be found in ”My OC’s to Books” -book.
– Grammar mistakes/errors.
– Possible colourfull words.
– Possible hard plot twists. (going to write this again if it is major one.)

– song is NO DOUBT  by Re:vale

Cielo Secret | Prologue |

”The sky loves it’s all elements. By what if it’s elements don’t care their sky?”
  – Unknown

 By what if it's elements don't care their sky?"   - Unknown

|Cielo Secret |

Cielo27. The World Top Hacker, Information broker and Assassin.

Tsunayoshi Sawada. The so-called Dame student in Namimori Chuu.

There is no known connection between those two.

But when World’s Powerfull Hitman Reborn comes to train him to be new boss of the Vongola.

But what he finds is twin looking alike of the person he is assisted to train.

Why he is not in the files of Iemitsu gave him?
Who is this Yoshisora Sawada?
What is he hiding with Tsunayoshi?

And the Cielo27 is located in Namimori from person’s last mission shown.

[ Special Notice ]

• Many plot twists coming ~
• Not gonna spoil yá ~

~ Momorin ~

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