Me once again


Natsuharu here again.

Well now I will talk about myself. (Why I haven’t done it before, tbh, lol.)

So, let me start with basics.

My name is Natsu, but I will for now, prefer to be called Tenn. (the kanji for heaven, if you didn’t know.)

I am now 16 years old. My mental age changes from my mood, really. But I am an high school student.

I live in Finland.

I study way too much languages. Russian, English, Swedish, Japanese… bit of Italian to add to the list.

As you would have noticed from the content of this blog, yes I absolutely love anime and Japanese culture.

As well as that Idol game, IDOLiSH7. (I am so hyped for the anime adaption coming next year!)

Also. As I am TRIGGER fan and Tenn oshi, I need to congratulate TRIGGER for making history in Oricon’s weekly album list top 1. as well as being the most sold. >< (Tenn come home!)

Well yeah. I am Idol trash. 2D idol trash.

Anyways! I am an author and artist in middle of all the mess that is called life. I am total mess, to be honest.

And because of this, who I am?

Person. Me is weird!!! *insert hype face*









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