Proloque part 3

(A/N Sorry for the many proloque parts…)

”Nea talking” (goes to normal one)
*Crowned Clown talking*
Allen’s thoughts privately’ ”Allen talking inside his head to Nea or Crowned Clown
’Nea thinking privately’
”Nea talking to Allen inside his mind.
(Author notes,if coming)

Proloque part 3


”Im soooo exhaused!!!” Allen shouts and falls down to floor. The white cape dissaphears and the little golden tint in boys eyes and tan skin dissaphears as it is replaced by very pale skin and red scar in the left side of the face.

Besides Allen, there is supprisingly…...

Start Now

Start Now---------------+++++++---------------

”N-Nea?!” Allen yelps in suprise.

The person laying next to him has same features as him, like looking at mirror, but he has tanner skin, black hair, if slightly from it’s ends, curvy, but not so noticeable. He has also warm brown-golden eyes. They remembered Noahs golden eyes, but were lighter. He had some blood falling from his mouth and forehead, mostly because Allen’s scar…

”Yes.. I’m here… Nephew…”   Nea answers with little grin, obiously because the tireness from their working.

*Allen. You should sleep now. You too, Nea.*   They hear bell-like gigle. Crowned Clown.

”Yea. The recovery will take time.” Nea says quietly.

I’m glad that I have both of you with me…Allen voices out in his mind.

”Hm? Did you say something, Nephew?” Nea asks quietly, almost sleeping.

”I… didn’t say…. anything…. Nea…” Allen says almost asleep, tired.

How could he hear anything now..? Allen thinks.

”Again!?” Nea exclaims.

”What did you hear?..”

”Something about that how could I hear now when we are separated…” Nea says.


Do you hear this? Allen felt little idiotic now.

Loud and clear! He hears Nea answer in his mind with his carefree tone.

How it is poss—Allen’s sentence was cut by melodical humming.
Crowned Clown made them fall asleep soon.

///Inside The Ark, now the only voice you could hear, was calm breathing voice as Nea and Allen are sleeping.///

///Later/// Nea and Allen wakes up///


”Nea. You should put some clothes on…” Allen informs and looks away from him.

”What do you—” Nea stopped halfway of his sentence when he understands the matter and starts search for clothes.

”Allen. Where is your suitcase!?” He asks.

”At the side of coach (sofa*). Why do you ask?” Allen answers, still looking away.

”Because one. We are basically same size now. And two. I didn’t really have a need of clothes until now.” Nea explains.

He found the suitcase and opened it and pulled some clothes on… (A/N: I think I didn’t have anything to think when writing this up…. Really… Nothing at all… Am I weird?XD)

”I get it…” Allen says quietly.

Nea sits in front of him, clothes on. White undershirt with red ribbon, black pants and boots.

”You can watch already~” Nea laughs.
Allen turns to Nea and lets out little laugh.

”Woa! We really look alike!?” They exclaim almost in sync.
As they notice it, they laugh again.

”Think of it. I haven’t had a good chance to laugh this much in years…Allen thoughs.

”Allen. I’m very glad you are at least laughing now.” Nea says.

”Huh? I didn’t say anything?” Allen says confuse showing on his face clearly.

”What?! But I heard you!” Nea says.

”Are our thoughts still connected together?” Allen asks, afraid.

”I think so… It is probably because I have been in your mind so long time that it can’t fully go away.” Nea murmurs unsure.


”So. How it went throught?” Allen asks.

”Look yourself!” Nea laughs and helps Allen up and tracks him to mirror at the Ark’s Heart.
As Allen looks himself, he shocs.

He has his hair white as always, but it was grown to jus under his shoulders.
’I have to tie that up later…’
He also has his scar there as always and his arm was like the last time, but the skin felt more softer than before.
’Maybe from the fact that I am fully in sync with Crowned Clown…’
As he looked at Nea, he awed.

Nea had almost same features as him.
His hair is black and little curly at the ends. Mostly unnoticeable.
His skin was little tanner than his, but not as much as Noahs.
And lastly, he has slight golden eyes, but much lighter than Noahs, so he wouldn’t be catched as Noah.

”How about the scar? If I have it still here, would it be that you don’t have it?” Allen asks uncertain.

Nea laughs and lifts his bangs from his left forehead, showing red inverted star -scar on it.

”H-how do you have it too?” Allen shutters his question.

”I think that as I am brother of Mana, his curse made to you also passed the curse scar to me, as I am your brother now.” Nea explains, little amused at Allen’s reaction to the brothers -part.

”What do you mean?”

”Because we are sharing same genes now, we are like twins.” Nea laughs.

”Whaaat!?” Allen gaped.

”Yes.” Nea says.

”You are not joking around now, aren’t you?” Allen says little unsure to how to take that in.

”Why? You are not believing me, lil bro~” Nea teases and laughs.

”I didn’t mea— hey!! Why I am the little brother!?” Allen argues.

”Hehe~! We should go exploring the world now. We don’t have to worry about Noahs now.”

”Yeah… I think there is extra coat to you in the suitcase.”

”Thanks, lil bro!!” Nea says and left searching for the coat.

Allen snaps.
”Why am I the little brother!!? Nea!!” He shouts.

”Because one, I am tecnically older than you and two, you are acting more like little brother than me.” Nea laughs.

He sure laughs a lot… Allen thinks.

”Hey! No need to be rude, ya’ know!!” Nea shouts.

”How can I think when somebody is hearing all of it!!?”

This became a little problem now…” He says to himself.

”Don’t be mad, okay.” Nea says, coming in front of Allen, wearing tan coat, the same as Allen.

”Whatever. Let’s go. I tie my hair up and I’m ready.” Allen says and goes to coach (sofa*) he had been sleeping and tulls the red ribbon from under the pillow and tied his white hair to back of his neck.

”Okay. You ready?” Nea calls.

”Yep. Let’s go!” Allen exclaims cheerfully.
They humm the 14th melody.
(A/N They still have the control over the Ark, as having it in their genes…)

They feel the connection as they know that there is gate to Italy, open. They leave the Control room and walk together to the open gate door.

”I will go throught first. For to be sure it’s safe.” Nea says and walks to doorway.

”You come after me, lil brother~!” He exclaims and laughs as he went throught.

To Allen, it took three seconds to understand the meaning of the last words.

”Why you are being big brother!!??” Allen shouts as he walked throught the doorway little after.

///In Italy/// One side street there///

As Nea walks outside, hee sees alleyway and trash bins. The end of alleyway he saw light.
’Day time. Allright.’

He hides to shadows as he hears Allen’s yell.

”Why you are being big brother!!??” He hears as the white gate breaks like water to Allen coming throught.

As Allen got to alleyway, he confuses as he don’t see Nea anywhere.

Nea took this as the chance and suprises Allen from the back and takes him to headlock.

”What you mean by that!? I think I am more like big brother here, am I right!?” He says laughing as he messes Allen’s white hair.

”I didn’t— Okay! I give up!! Let me go already!!” Allen exclaims in defeat. Nea let’s go of the hair but he doesn’t release the headlock.

He moves his head next to Allen’s.
He whispers something to his ear.

As Allen hears it, he stops moving. Nea releases the headlock and hummes the melody, closing the Gate Number 17.


As Nea walks off, Allen thinks the words Nea, his now-biological-twin-brother, told him few minutes ago.

”Remember that I will always be with you, but you won’t see me if you don’t look for it. No, I will not go away, just that everything that happens you now on, is your own path, nobody is controlling you now. I will allways be at your side so don’t worry.
I go to search other Noahs as being Earl now— talk to you later, when we meet, or in our connected minds.”

’You are really the more matured than I am… Just don’t make me worried… please.’ Allen thinks to his mind only.



Proloque part 2

Proloque part 2

Standard POV/Allen’s POV Before the end of Holy War, when they are searching Allen.

Suddenly, when I was on escape, I got message that Vatican is erasing ’The 14th’ -part from my list. It means that anybody wouldn’t be going to attack me being Noah… Also they annouced that I can go back to Order without fear being executed. As a normal Exorcist. I taked that lightly, knowing that it wouldn’t be suprise at the end of this ’Holy War’, that they would be re-creating that part again… But I’m needed in the war, so I have to go.

Later/ End of Holy War/


Millennium Earl… Mana… Is gone now…. And I’m new Earl with Nea, Mana’s brother.
Kanda died as he got Tyki, his curse on his chest making hom die as Tyki was dead.
Lenalee was killed as she had lost too much blood after Road’s defeat.
Lavi left the battlefield as War was over, changing to emotioneless person.

And as things got worse to me, the Central declared me to be executed by being Millenium Earl and Noah…

As I heard that with my special hearing, I went to Ark, destroying all the gates I had made this far.
I took Kanda’s dead body with me and burried him with Alma Karma in Matter.

He had asked for that before he closed his eyes, calling me by my real name.

As I left Matter, I settled down in the Ark and went to sleep. Nea was going to be on guard as I slept who knows how long…


///Time skip///
#Allen’s POV#

’How long I had been sleeping now?…’

*You’re awake now?* I head laugh like bells.


*I’m sure you know me. I have been on your side all these years in Holy War fighting with you~~* I hear again a sound like bells.

’No way!! You are the Innocence in my left hand!?’

*Yes~ I’m your Innocence, Crowned Clown.*

’But how I can speak with you?’

*Allen. You have been sleeping and you are now in complete sunch with your body. Yes you have felt sorrow, but somehow it made the bond even stronger. You can as now speak with me like you speak with Nea.~*

’But how?’

*Allen. I haven’t told you this, but I’m actually the Heart.*

’But how that is possible to nobody to sense you?’

*I’m not sure, but it’s true that I’m Heart.*

’But what about Noah gene. And the Noah’s killing intent? How you will manage that? I’m Earl now, am I?’

*Don’t worry. As you being Earl, and all the previous Noahs dead, you could probably try to manipulate the gene, and in better way, kill the killing intent instead… But you should ask Nea about it.*

’Nea. Speaking of him, I should wake up now…’

*I recomment you that. Go now.*

I feel little push on mu back as Crowned Clown pushed me forward to reality.


At Ark// Nea and Allen as he wakes up//

”Unh…..” Allen moans from the coach(*sofa?*) he was sleeping.

”Good morning Nephew.~ How was your sleep?” Nea says as he notices Allen waking up.

”Good, Nea… So how was Ark during my sleep? Anything happen?” Allen replies as he gained some of his senses back. He rose up to sitting position.

”Anything that would pick up my interest so far… But I have sensed other Noahs awakenings… Rhode (*1.*), Tyki, Sheryl, Jasdero and Devit. And lastly few days ago, Wisely… So far only them…” Nea reports.


”So what are you going to do now, Earl?” Nea asks teasingly.

”Heh….. As Mana told me, I promised him, I will keep on walking… no matter what happens…” Allen says, bit of sadness in his eyes. Nea notices it. He makes solid version of himself, they are in Ark afterall…

”I’m sorry, Nephew…” He says.

”Don’t worry.” Allen says little smile on his face. Nea sighs.

”So where should we start? London? England? France? Germany? Or Italy, maybe?” He asks, taking map to his hands and opening it.

”I thought of London, because its the place I know the most… But then, if I’m some international criminal now, then the most guarded place is England and London…”

”How about Italy then? Vatican at our back, won’t think that we would be hiding right under their noses!~~” Nea chuckles at the thought.

”I think it wouldn’t hurt… So? We go now?”

”Actually I think we should get the Noahs killing instinct away… It would be catastrophic, if it takes the toll and starts to kill, not forgeting your Innocence…” Nea says seriously.

Allen froze as he heard this.

”I think… I mean… Crowned Clown. My Innocence… Told me that it could be bossible to… Make Killing instict gone… By something… special… She is Heart of Innocence… Heart. Nea. Heart!!”

”I think it’s possible to do that… And what did you say!!? Crowned Clown is THE Heart!!!??” Nea shocs.
He shivers at the thought of Heart killing him flows in his mind.

*Don’t worry, my dear~ I will not kill my Acommondator’s Uncle and only family.~* the sound of bells rings aroud them as they were, other sitting and other standing right in front of him.

”Crowned Clown?” Allen asks.

*Yes. It’s me~ You can now on talk to both of us~*

”So you are Crowned Clown…” Nea says carefully.

*Yes. And don’t worry. I will not go on desroying the Noah…*

’That’s relief’ both of them thinks.

”So what to do with Noah’s Killing instict?” Allen voiced up.

”I think that I can manage to kill him… But I need your help. You too, Crowned Clown… After it, you need to. No you ARE sleeping for a couple of days. Is that ok?” Nea explains.

”I’m ready as much as I can be!” Allen exclaims happily, but seriousness is too, fully in sight.

*I’m ready to help as much as I can~* Crowned Clown says melodically, bells ringing as she laughs a little.

”*So let’s start!!*” they say in sync.

Line break…~

Now. I won’t tell you exactly how they made the Noah’s Killing instict to dissaphear so…)


The flash of little light.

Little pool of blood…

”I’m soooo exhaused!!!” Allen shouts and falls down to floor. The white cape dissaphears and the little golden tint in boys eyes and tan skin dissaphears as it is replaced by very pale skin and red scar in the left side of the face.

Besides Allen, there is supprisingly……




I will continue this in prologue part 3.

The *1* part: I will use Road as Rhode in this story.





Standard POV.

The Holy War was over.

The Exorcist had won and Millennium Earl was dead and gone with Noah Family with him, but probably going to reincarnate again. But when?

But the war didn’t end up with full win. Many Exorcist had been killed or disappeared during or after the last battle between them and Noahs.

The Black Order didn’t last long with the lost of many people namely Lenalee Lee for example.

The Head Chief Komui Lee was depressed after lost of Lenalee Lee, his little sister.

Many other exorcist namely Bookman, Noise Marie and Chaoji were lost.

Others were survived but got over as some years passed. Miranda Lotto was depressed with lost of Noise Marie. She died some years after, having anemia.

The others, Generals were freed from their stats and they got free life.

Krory died with his parasite -type Innocense taking toll to his body.

In some years others from Black order was passed. Namely Malcolm C. Leverier, who wasn’t in anybody’s crying list. Then there was the Great Generals turn, then some of the branches people. Then was European Branch’s Sience section’s turn. Next went some Generals and Asian Branch. It went on to come to the point where the last one, Timothy Hearst passed with old age.

But some of the Exorcist were disappeared, namely Exorcist Kanda Yuu, Exorcist Lavi Jr. Bookman and Exorcist General Allen Walker.

The Central and others at that time were searching them. In some years they found Lavi. He became Bookman with other Bookman’s aperentice and had already have his own student.

The Exorcist Kanda Yuu was never found. Same with Exorcist General Allen Walker, he being thought being dead as being the one to fight Millennium Earl after all.

Central then annouced that if General Allen Walker was never found, he had to be executed for being Noah and traitor of the Church.

At the same time in Italy:

The boy with black and red, worn uniform under the tan coat were walking on the streets of Rome in Italy. He had his white hair tied with red ribbon at the back of his neck. Other red scarf were on his forehead, seemly hiding something.

He was thinking something.

He was searching for something.

Who the boy is? What is he thinking? And what is he searching?

Now this is ready.

Money, Mafia and Clown [DGM x KHR]

So I will start new fandom in here. I already posted all the proloque parts in WP and started to write 1st Chapter. I will add the twin-crossover to this too.


Summary: (Taken from WP)

The Holy War was over.
What happens to all Exorcists?
What happens to Noah Family?
Skull!/Allen, (Noah!/Allen?) Separated!/Allen and Nea , (Others?)
Allen decides to wear a new mask, Red wasn’t ready to world  anymore and Allen Walker was traitor of the church and Noah. He doesn’t want to be in another war…
He goes to Italy and finds Circus full pf stuntmens and joins them, making his new mask.
[[Note that I will use this story proloque to my other Crossover!]]
I will try to get the prologues done here.

Free time.

Now as my autumn holidays started, I have lot of time. You will find me writing here and update books I have in Wattpad.

22.10. Was my name day for the first time in offical. First calendar year that my First Name is in calendar!!!

The next week I have my holiday. Then next two weeks I will be working work experience in my old kindergarden. So two weeks with childs!!~~Yay!!

Now I start having fun time messing around!!

Expect some feedback on my profiles!! I will read a lot and willing to give comments, reviews and votes!!! Remember to check my works too!!


D.Gray-man opening 1


by. Abindon Boys School


Saketa mune no kizuguchi ni

afure nagareru   PAIN In the dark
Kasaneaeta shunkan no

tsunagaru omoi   tokashite

Samenai netsu ni unasarete

saigo no koe mo kikoenai

Don’t cry

kowaresou na hodo dakishimetara

kimi ga furuete ita   Oh…
Sotto   kazasu te no hira ni furete misete

Never…   Until the end

Koboreochiru suna no you ni

hakanai negai o   Close to the light
Tojita kimi no omokage ni

karenai namida   nijinde

Hodoita yubi no sukima kara

inori ga fukaku tsukisasaru

Dono kurai   hatenai itami to kanashimi kara

kimi o sukueta darou   Oh…
Motto   tsuyoku te no hira ni furete misete

Ever and never end
Tokihanatsu   So far away

Kizamu inochi no tsubasa de

umarekawaru toki o   machikogarete

Don’t cry   kowaresou na hodo dakishimetara

kimi ga furuete ita   Oh…
Sotto   kazasu te no hira ni furete misete

Kitto   sagashite ita n da iroasenai

kimi to iu na no kiseki o
Motto   tsuyoku te no hira de boku ni furete


Ever and never end

Break down! Right now! Fill me up!
I just U just blow up!
Livin’ it up   Pump it up
Inside n’ outside   Freak out!

D.Gray-man HALLOW!



12 years from the original D.Gray-man -series begining, 8 years from the end of original series.

D.Gray-man -fans!!

On 2016 summer we got the werry thing we were waiting so long.

The new TV anime of D.Gray-man were aired from 04/07/2016 to 26/09/2016.

13 episodes.

Containing the last arcs completed.


  • Dissaphearance of Gross Marian
  • Thantom Thief G
  • Alma Karma
  • At the end of anime, Allen Walker leaves the Black Order thus starting the latest ongoing arc in D.Gray-man: Searching for A.W.


The voice actors are different from original.:

  • Allen Walker is voiced by. Ayumu Murase
  • Nea is also voiced by. Ayumu Murase
  • Kanda Yuu is voiced by. Takya Sató
  • Lavi is voiced by. Natsuki Hanae
  • Lenalee Lee is by. Ai Kakuma
  • Howard Link by. Shinosuke Tachibana
  • The Millennium Earl by. Yutaka Aoyama
  • Road Camelot by. Yui Kondou
  • Wisely by. Souichiro Hoshi
  • Alma Karma by. Ryóta Asari

And as I will be watching all the episodes soon, I will make my comments voiced here.

I allready tried to watch the whole series but on the half of epiosde 5 I cracked so much that I had to stop!~



”No matter what happens, I’ll keep on moving… Until this life runs out me, I’ll keep on walking…” – Allen Walker.d-gray-man-hallow-anime-clip-v1



  • NatsuHaru_14th

The Seven Flames of the Sky


Sky (Cielo)

Tsuna's Sky Flame

Soft Sky Flame

Color: Orange
Characteristic: Armonia (調和 chouwa lit. Harmony)
Japanese Translation: Ōzora (大空)
Ability: Harmony
Known Users: Vongola Bosses, Tsunayoshi Sawada, Giotto, Byakuran, Xanxus, Luce, Aria, Yuni, Dino
Description: Among all the seven attributes, Sky Flames possesses the greatest propulsion power, specially those of high-purity. Described as having many mysteries, its special trait, Harmony, represents a state without contradiction nor flaws in which the balance of the whole is maintained. Furthermore, two different ”types” of Sky Flames have been presented. One is the normal, ”soft” Flame that has great stability. The other is the high-purity, ”hard” Flame that is more volatile but packs more power. Bearers of the Sky-attribute are said to be exceptionally rare and most of the known ones share the common trait of possessing great insight.
Appearance: ”Soft” Flames has a core that is pale orange in color, but they gradually become of a deeper shade in the area closer its edges. Meanwhile, the core of ”hard” Flames are of a very dark, almost reddish shade of orange and the parts closer to its edges are colored by varying tones of orange.

Storm (Tempesta)

Color: Red

Storm Flame

Storm Flame

Characteristic: Disintegrazione (分解 bunkai lit. Disintegration)
Japanese Translation: Arashi (嵐)
Ability: Disintegration
Known Users: Gokudera, Fon, Zakuro, Rasiel, Belphegor, Bianchi, Tazaru, Nosaru, Baishana, G., Coyote Nougat

Description: Highly offensive Flames, its Disintegration special trait can induce anything that touches the Flames into decaying and breaking apart, including other Dying Will Flames.
Appearance: Their core is of an ordinary red, an inner layer of a very pale, somewhat pink-like shade of red-white and outer edges of deep crimson. In the manga, the outer edges of the Flames are distinctively dark.

Rain (Pioggia)

Rain Flame

Rain Flame

Color: Blue
Characteristic: Calma (鎮静 chinsei lit. Tranquility)
Japanese Translation: Ame (雨)
Ability: Appeasement and dulling
Known Users: Yamamoto, Colonnello, Bluebell, Lal Mirch, Glo Xinia, Squalo, Basil, Olgert, Gokudera, Asari Ugetsu, Schnitten Brabanters
Description: Rain-attribute Flames are in many ways more similar to water than actual flames. Its Tranquility special trait carries the meaning of stillness and pacification. Thus, these Flames can be used to weaken a target by robbing its strength and capacity of movement. In the anime, there is also a known example of it being used to create ice.
Appearance: The Rain Flames have shimmers of some kind flowing through them, giving them an appearance similar to rippling water. The core is of a distinctively dark blue and the ever oscillating outer sections are of a more light tone of blue.

Sun (Sereno)

Sun Flame2<img src=”″ alt=”Sun Flame2″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Sun_Flame2.PNG” data-image-name=”Sun Flame2.PNG” width=”150″ height=”83″ >

Sun Flame

Color: Yellow
Characteristic: Attivita (活性 kassei lit. Activation)
Japanese Translation: Hare (晴)
Ability: Stimulating and augmenting
Known Users: Ryohei, Reborn, Daisy, Shoichi Irie, Lussuria, Ginger Bread, Knuckle, Gokudera, Brow Nie Jr.

Description: The Activation special trait of the Sun Flames has the power to induce and improve the efficiency of any type of activity. As such, it is an optimal Flame for purposes of fulfilling support roles such as healing and strengthening individuals. But that same characteristic also makes it difficult to use Sun Flames in direct combat.
Appearance: Sun Flames possess a whitish core with layers of yellow enveloping it. Their most distinct characteristic are the small dot-shaped sparkles it beams, which are somewhat similar to small stars. They appear to be constantly in motion, spiking in some places and flowing in others.

Lightning (Fulmine)

Lightning Flame<img src=”″ alt=”Lightning Flame” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Lightning_Flame.PNG” data-image-name=”Lightning Flame.PNG” width=”150″ height=”112″ >

Lightning Flame

Color: Green
Characteristic: Indurimento (硬化 kouka lit. Hardening)
Japanese Translation: Kaminari (雷)
Known Users: Lambo, Verde, Ghost, Gamma, Leviathan, Dendro Chilum, Gokudera, Lampo, Ganauche III

Description: Lightning Flames are in many ways more similar to electricity than actual flames. The Solidification special trait of these Flames can be employed harden and increase the firmness of objects. By themselves, the Flames can used defensively by projecting a solid barrier and offensively by cutting as if sharp blades or electrocuting as if real electricity.
Appearance: Lightning Flames have a center that is off-white green, and extremely sharp ”spikes” of a dark neon green in color. Its tendency to form round shapes with the sharper parts flailing around is a heads down to how electricity is often depicted in animated works.

Cloud (Nuvola)

Future Hibari With A Cloud Ring<img src=”″ alt=”Future Hibari With A Cloud Ring” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Future_Hibari_With_A_Cloud_Ring.PNG” data-image-name=”Future Hibari With A Cloud Ring.PNG” width=”150″ height=”83″ >

Cloud Flame

Color: Purple
Characteristic: Riproduzione (増殖 zoushoku lit. Propagation)
Japanese Translation: Kumo (雲)
Ability: Reproduction and growth
Known Users: Hibari, Skull, Kikyo, Nigella Beankabul, Iris Hepburn, Lal Mirch, Gokudera, Alaude, Visconti
Description: The Propagation special trait of Cloud Flames carries a meaning of increase and replication. As such, it is suited for anything that involves increase of size and multiplication of numbers. Also, this Propagation effect is highly advantageous when performing techniques meant to cover a great area, such as creating a cyclone or a a impervious force field. Coincidence or not, a number of Cloud Box Weapons have the ability to pull out and/or absorb the Flames of the enemy.
Appearance: While the core is clear purple in color, the rest of the Cloud Flames have a very pale tone of violet, making this one of the most light-colored type of Flames. Also, unlike the other Seven Flames of the Sky, the shape of Cloud Flames is more oblique and somewhat unstable-looking.

Mist (Nebbia)

Mist Flame<img src=”″ alt=”Mist Flame” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Mist_Flame.PNG” data-image-name=”Mist Flame.PNG” width=”150″ height=”112″ >

Mist Flame

Color: Indigo
Characteristic: Costruzione (構築 kouchiku lit. Construction)
Japanese Translation: Kiri (霧)
Known Users: Mukuro Rokudo, Chrome Dokuro, Viper, Torikabuto, Genkishi, Kawahira, Lal Mirch, Flan, Daemon Spade, Kyoya Hibari, Bouche Croquant Description: The Construction special trait of the Mist Flame makes it optimal to be used along Illusions, specially during the creation of Real Illusions. They are described as having a low hardness and, consequentially, it has a weak offensive power.
Appearance: The most opaque among the Seven Flames of the Sky, Mist Flames’ coloring is pale white around its core and gradually turns into a dark indigo at the Flame’s edges.


  • During the beginning of the series, there was no distinction among the different types and colors of Dying Will Flames other than Tsuna’s orange one. The first person introduced with a different type of Dying Will Flame was Basil with a blue-colored Flame, which was later known as the Rain Flame.
    • Due to this, in the game Jump Ultimate Stars, the special-up and the special move for Tsuna’s first and second koma shown a blue flame, resembles Basil’s Flame instead of the normal orange one.
    • Because of this, in the first game of the Flame Rumble series, all Vongola Members had Sky Flames and all Kokuyo Members had Mist Flames.
    • Also, when Ryohei was shot by a Dying Will Bullet, and the Flame showed was a Sky Flame, not his actual Flame, which is the Sun Flame.
  • There is a supposed ”Snow Flame” in a Reborn! DS game with a Snow Guardian, but it was revealed to be disguised Sky Flames.
  • Gokudera is the only character so far to possess five Flames, but his original Flame is the Storm Flame.

Katekyo hitman REBORN! Daily Life Arc Overview

Katekyo hitman REBORN!

Episodes: 1-19 , 1st story arc

It focuses on Tsuna’s life as his infant home tutor Reborn appears and as he begins to learn about the Mafia. This is also when he begins to gain more Guardians and friends. During this arc, the manga felt very much like a light hearted comedy story, and while there was some fighting it wasn’t a big focus of the plot. It was after this arc that the manga took a big turn, becoming a more serious toned and intense battle manga. Tsuna himself also changed into a capable fighter at the end of this arc, when during it he was still a weak boy who needed his friends to protect him. Most of the major characters are introduced in this arc.



So at first Tsuna is showing up as lame, no -good student, who suddenly has infant as his tutor; Reborn.


Then suddenly, Reborn shots him with special bullet; Dying will bullet. What literately kills you, but if you have something to regret, it will bring you back to alive to fulfill that thing.

Tsuna appears then as aggressive, and literately burns all but his boxers away… -_-…..


Later on he gets more used to dying will powers and later on the end of this Arc, he fights Kokyo Gang; Rokudo Mukuro as the leader. At that fight, he gets new weapon: Wooden Mittens, that turns to Metallic Gloves as Tsuna activates his dying will.


Next part is:

Ring Battles Arc.


Thanks for reading and see you again soon!

Natsuki-chi. AKA NatsuHaru_14th

Chapter 8. Askariias

Mika’s POV

Johdatin Freyn ulos huoneesta käytävälle.

”Mikä nyt on?” Hän kysyy.

”Tehdään tämä nyt selväksi. Älä kerro siitä Amylle ennen kuin on oikea aika. Mutta, et myöskään vaaranna hänen henkeään tai yritä herättää sitä!!” Sanon hänelle.

”Seelvää!” Hän sanoi virnistäen.

”Ja pidäkkin tuo!” Jatkan.

”Ookeei!” Hän jatkaa.

Frey on… ainoa ystäväni, joka hyväksyi minut huolimatta demonista ja auttoi minua selviämään alusta.

Hän menee takaisin huoneeseen ja jään yksin käytävään.

Oho. Olet saanut toverin.
Onnekas sinä. Et taida enään pelätä minua. No… Älä pelkää. En minä sinua mielelläni
kontrolloisi, ellei ole
Mutta haluaisin tavata hänet.
En tee hänelle mitään,
vain juttelen.
Ja sinä saat pientä helpotusta
kipuihin. Pienennän sitä.
Hyvä sopimus?

”Selvä…. Kerron siitä ensin hänelle.”

Avaan oven ja menen sisään.

”Amy. Onko sinulla hetki aikaa?” Sanon ja annan merkin Freylle.

”Oletko tosissasi!? Hänhän voi tehdä mitä tahansa!!” Frey vastaa.

”Mitä?” Amy kysyy ihmeissään.

” *huaah* Askariias haluaa jutella kanssasi… Ja älä huoli, hän lupasi, ettei satuta häntä.”

”Ai hänkö?” Amy kysyy hämmästyneenä.

”Kyllä, hän.

”Oletko ihan varma?” Frey kysyy.

”Jos hän yrittää jotain niin pusäyttäkää minut keinolla millä hyvänsä….”



Amy’s POV

Saan tavata ja jutella Mikan demonin kanssa. Jännittävää.

Mika lausuu jotain ja hänen sinettinauhansa ilmestyvät näkyviin. Sitten ne löysenevät ja katoavat Mikan ympäriltä. Sitten hän muuttuu… erillaiseksi.

”Oletko sinä Amy?”

”Kyllä, olen.”
Näen muiden huolistuneet katseet.

”Hyvä. Miksi olet Mestarini seurassa?”

”Mika halusi, että tulen hänen mukaansa…”

”Niinkö?! Harvinaista häneltä!!” Hän nauraa.

”Etkö tiennyt?”

”Olin kahlittuna. En kuullut tai nähnyt mitään moneen kuukauteen!!”


”Tyhmäkö olet!? ’Etten tee jotain ajattelematonta’ sanoi Mestari”

”Miksi kutsut häntä mestariksi?”

”Sinun pitäisi tietää se jo tähän asti!!”

”Muuten, miten päädyit Mikan luokse? Mitä tapahtui?”

”Pitkä juttu…”

”Selvä. Miksi halusit jutella kanssani?”

”En tiedä. Halusin tietää millainen olet. Taidat sittenkin olla hän.”

”Miksi kaikki sanoo minua tuolla tavalla?”

”En tiedä… Mestari käski olemaan hiljaa siitä…”

”Ei sitten auta muuta…” huokaisen.

”Kannattaa sitten varoa Mikaa silloin kun hän ei ole järjissään. Ei joskus itsekkään tiedä, miksi otan hänet hallintaani…”

”Hei. Kutsuit häntä juuri nimellä. Miksi?” Kysyn hämmentyneenä.

”Että tajuaisit!!” Hän huutaa raivostuneena.

Sitten Askariias lähti ja Mika muuttui takaisin ja sinettinauhat palautuivat.

”Mistä puhuitte!?” Frey tulee luokseni ja kysyy.

”Mitä? Ettekö kuulleet?”

”Askariias puhui erityisellä siteellä, ja hänet voi kuulla vain ne, jotka ovat yhteydessä siteeseen. Eli sinä ja Mika.” Frey selittää.


”Mistä siis puhuitte!?”

”Ei tarvitse olla huolissaan. Ei mitään tärkeätä.”

Frey punastuu ja lähtee huoneesta.

”Mikä tuo oli?”

”Nolostutit hänet!” Drey sanoo nauraen. ”Ensimmäinen kerta!”

”Oletko varma?”


”Mika. Oletko kunnossa?” Kysyn.

”Ah… Kyllä… Älä huoli…” hän vastaa kuin olisi väsynyt.

”Olet ilmiselvästi väsynyt! Sinun pitäisi mennä lepäämään!”

”Olet oikeassa… Minä menen sitten…”

”Anna minun auttaa!”

”Ei ole tarvittava…” Mika sanoo ja horjahtaa.

”Kyllä sinä nyt apua tarvitset. Askariias vei voimiasi, vai mitä.”

”Miten arvasit?”

”Ööö… En tiedä.”


”Minä vien sinut huoneeseesi.”

”Minä voin auttaa!” Huutaa Drey ja tulee luoksemme.

”Ok. Mennään.”